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  • For newcomers to 1/28 scale racing.

  • Any 1/28 scale chassis, 2WD/4WD (Kyosho, GL, Atomic, etc.)

  • Any motor/battery. But should target Stock class speeds.

  • Any body.


  • 2WD only, any chassis (Kyosho, PNR2.5W, GL, Atomic, etc.)

  • NiMH batteries. Motors: Kyosho stock, 70T brushed, 3500kV non-Kyosho brushless with factory rotor (except PN V3 motor), 4100kv Kyosho. 13/53 64p gearing, 9/44 Kyosho gearing.

  • 2S Lithium batteries. Motors: 2500kv brushless factory rotor, 12/53 64p gearing.

  • For those running something faster than above, your throttle should be turned down to approximately the above power combination

  • open electronics

  • Hard plastic bodies

Super Stock

  • 2WD only, any chassis (Kyosho, PNR2.5W, GL, Atomic, etc.)

  • 3500kV motor with factory supplied rotor

  • open gearing (suggested 12-13T pinion)

  • open electronics

  • blinky mode on ESC's that have it

  • Hard plastic bodies

Modified (sportsman and expert)

  • 2WD or 4WD, any chassis(Kyosho, PNR2.5W, GL, Atomic, etc.)

  • open motor, open electronics, open batteries

  • Lexan or hard plastic body



  • Rubber Mini-Z specific tires only (PN, Marka, GL). No traction compound or silicone tires allowed at any time - these can permanently damage the RCP track! The tires available today provide excellent traction without cleaning or compounds.

  • No shoes on any part of the track (socks/bare feet are ok)

  • If you crash on the track, announce it loudly to the other drivers - mainly on the long back straight where car are going fast.

  • Try not to back up directly into oncoming traffic.

  • During practice slower drivers should let faster drivers by if they can, practice time is for practicing and not racing.


During races:

  • During races, listen to the race director for instructions. If you know a car is lapping you, please let them by. If you are winning the race and have lapped the field, and you come up on a race for 2nd, please allow them to race. The basic premise of racing is that unless you are on the same lap with that racer and fighting for position, you should pull over and let them go by.

  • All racers should turn marshal after their race/heat.

  • General racing etiquette is that passes for position should be clean - if you hit or take out someone ahead you should wait.

  • Be kind and courteous to your fellow racers, good sportsmanship is expected of everyone. We're all here to have fun!


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